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Going to Chicago again

And therefore I need pizza recommendations. Didn't have any time to go out the last time I was there this summer, but I have essentially 2 full days to fill this time, and there will definitely be a happy hour one evening after work. We'll be at 500 South Dearborn St, near State St. and Congress, gMaps tells me. Is there any great quintessential Chicago pizza place within walking distance? Or any good bar/pub for happy hour? I know nothing of Chicago other than that it will be freaking freezing there on the 28th!


My December 2008 YTD rate of return on my 401(k) with my previous employer: -46.06%. Yep. Almost half gone. And in the last quarter, I contributed something over $200 and lost over $500. Lovely. At least the whole account isn't very big yet since I've only been working for 2 1/2 years, so I don't have that much to lose.

A sign?

2009 sure is starting off great. On new year's day, I got an infection in my left eyelid that was exactly the same as one I got in my right eyelid a year or so ago. Fortunately I still have the medicine from the first encounter, and it hasn't expired. The swelling is slightly down but not gone, and it still hurts pretty badly. Then on the 2nd, I come home from a night of relaxing dancing, nothing too strenuous, no awkward movements all day, and I'm putting on some socks and my left shoulder starts to cramp up and get a knot deep down, just like my right shoulder did last spring. The first one left me unable to move my head around for about 3 days, so I'm attacking this new occurrence with determination that that's not going to happen. From the way it feels, I don't think I'm going to succeed. It's getting worse by the hour.

Surely, a recurrence of two ailments from the previous year, together at the beginning of a new year, must be some portent. Probably a bad one. Also, I haven't got my insurance cards yet, so couldn't go to a doctor even if I needed to. I certainly hope I don't need to.
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i haz a visa

So. I have plane tickets, I have a 6-month tourist visa in my passport, and I have a mother-in-law who's taking off work for two whole weeks and coming to the airport at 3 am to meet us and whisk us safely away to their house so Shreyas and I don't have to figure out how to get there at such an ungodly hour. Yay! And I have a sister who is about to be the owner of a townhouse, so she and her fiance will also be the babysitter of 3 annoying cats for two weeks. It seems like things are falling into place and that I actually will be on a trip to another country halfway around the world here in less than 3 months! Squee!


Last night Shreyas and I bought our tickets to India! We are actually going! Yay!

Dear Supervisor,

Thank you for letting me have leave that I haven't yet earned so that I can go meet my parents-in-law for the first time after two years of marriage. You are the best supervisor ever. If it weren't inappropriate, I would totally hug you.



What does one buy as a housewarming gift for one's in-laws, whom one has never met before and who are Indian? They just bought a new flat, so obviously a housewarming gift is necessary. What do Indians like to have in their houses? What would be clever/thoughtful/something they couldn't get in Kochi? They also need something to make them love me. It has to be able to be taken by plane, so can't be too fragile. I have no ideas!

Also, LJ is suddenly no longer blocked at work. I wonder how long it's been this way. This is good because my iphone doesn't seem to recognize the "post" link as a working link, so I can't post from my phone lately.


I am posting this from work.

Work?, you say. I thought they blocked LJ at work.

They did, my friend. But I got an iPhone. And it works great! It's just like the demos. Now I can dick around even more!